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Jonathan Tiemann's unique viewpoint expresses itself in a series of engaging essays — what we call "notes" — written on a variety of topics. View the most recent published investment notes by clicking the slider below or visit the Viewpoint Archives to see all previously published notes, in reverse chronological order. If you click on the highlighted Note title, you will be taken to the webpage for that note, where you can access the PDF format of the note, make comments and search the notes based upon categories and topics that interest you.


Archive of Published Notes

TIA maintains a complete archive of all of Dr. Tiemann's published Notes, all of which can be accessed according to date published using the links below. If you click on the Archive for a particular period, you will see a list of those those notes published during that time period, along with with a brief description of what the note covers.  The below list is also available directly from the main menu above.  Unfortunately, many of Dr. Tiemann's earliest notes are not separately searchable by topic or categories at this time.

Archive 1: 2002-2003  
  The Power of Asset Allocation June 2002
  Does Asset Allocation Work? November 2002
  An Historic Oddity – The Dow Passes the Nikkei December 2002
  How Bad Was It? January 2003
  The Dividend Tax Puzzle February 2003
  Do Deficits Matter? March 2003
  TIPS for your Bond Portfolio September 2003
  War, Uncertainty, and the Markets April 2003
  We Have a New Tax Law – Now What? June 2003
  The Perils of "Safe" Investments August 2003
Archive 2: 2003-2004  
  TIPS for your Bond Portfolio September 2003
  Why the Mutual Fund Scandal Matters November 2003
  More on the Hidden Costs of Investing December 2003
  How Good Was It? January 2004
  Lessons from the House of Morgan February 2004
  What's all the Fuss about Interest Rates? May 2004
  Be Tax-Smart with your Tax-Deferred Accounts June 2004
  Evaluating the Alternatives November 2004
Archive 3: 2005-2006  
  The Right Porfolio at the Right Price March 2005
  What to Do with a Concentrated Portfolio May 2005
  Can News Be Neutral? October 2005
  Dude, Where's My Pension? December 2005
  Meet Ben Bernanke, the New Fed Chair February 2006
  Head Over Heels for the Yield Curve May 2006
  Hidden Cost of Investing: Closed-End Funds July 2006
  The Peculiar Alchemy of Hedge Funds October 2006
Archive 4: 2007-2008  
  The Hidden Costs of Investing: The A, B, C's of Mutual Funds February 2007
  Reflections on a New Record May 2007
  A Pyramid of Little Golden Crumbs September 2007
  Advancing the State of the Investment Art November 2007
  The Wall Street Vortex October 2008
Archive 5: 2009-2010  
  It's a New Year — Now What? January 2009
  Lessons from History May 2009
  Liquidity and the Markets September 2009
  The Borrower of Last Resort August 2010
Archive 6: 2011-2013  
  The Launch of the QE 2 January 2011
  The Store of Value, Under Siege July 2011
  It Isn't a Forecast February 2012
  Growth in the Age of Cheap Capital April 2013
Archive 7: 2014-2015  
  Competition January 2014
  The Irony of Bitcoin March 2014
  Is Bond Market Liquidity Really Falling? June 2015
  Why the Debt Ceiling Debate Matters October 2015
Archive 8: 2016-2017  
  The Purpose of Monetary Policy June 2016
  The New Industrial Policy February 2017
  Government Credit and Money June 2017
  Banking Without Banks November 2017


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